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?welcome To Sweden?: Amy Poehler?s Brother Goes Abroad In Nbc?s New Sitcom - Hollywood Life

Ellie Goulding Takes The Stage In Sexy Bralet & Shorts: Love Or Loathe? Welcome to Swedencenters around a common theme that everyone can relate to: love. But what happensafteryou uproot your life for the person that youre in love with?The Amy Poehler -produced comedy tries to answer this question (with a ton of bumps in the road).Click for our TV review. Welcome to Sweden: A New Comedy http://www.farrahabrahamsextapes.net Brought To You By Amy Poehler Welcome to Swedeniscreated by Greg Poehler , and based on his experiences. What could be better than a tale told from real-life mishaps? Well, having your superfamous (and hilarious) sister at the helm of your series. Amy Poehler is the executive producerandmakes a guest appearance on the first episode! Will the comedy be the nextParks and Recreation? Probably not, but itll provide a good, heartwarming laugh. The shows tagline Love is universal. The rest is lost in translation is a subtle reminder that the show is relatable because everyone experiences being in love at some point in their life (hopefully).
Source http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/07/10/welcome-to-sweden-july-10-premiere-greg-amy-poehler-review/

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